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Labor bans are among the most discussed and asked about topics for expatriates working in the UAE.
UAE Labour Law is quite clear when it comes to employee rights and responsibilities. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) usually initiates labor or residency bans at the request of the concerned employer in certain situations.
If you abscond!
Absconding essentially refers to situations where employees don’t turn up for work for seven or more consecutive days or more than twenty non-consecutive days in one year without informing the employer (Article 120).
Article 128 also states that in a limited contract, if absconding has been reported by an employer, the employee cannot work in the country for a year from the time of reporting.No employer is allowed to hire or retain this person legally during this period either.
Employers are given three months’ time to report absconding cases and if proven to be true MOHRE could impose a one-year labor and/or immigration ban on the employee.
The employee also has a chance to prove that he/she wasn’t absconding in such cases, this is crucial because once filed, the absconding report cannot be withdrawn even by the employer.
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