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UAE has been constantly trying to protect (Medical Negligence in the UAE) the patients’ as well as the doctors in the UAE, by amending the Federal Law No. 10 of 2008.

Now, we have the Medical Liability Law Federal Decree-Law No. (4) OF 2016 also for the regulation of medical/ general compensation cases(Medical Negligence in the UAE).

Certain actions taken by the patients’ in specific times are:

  1. File a complaint
  2. File civil prosecution case
  3. File a criminal case

Without prejudice to the obligations set out in the applicable legislation, a physician shall:

  • Comply with the rules, regulations and procedures of practicing the profession.
  • Use available diagnostics and treatment tools necessary for the case, Etc.

Also, a physician shall not refrain from treating a patient or relieving an injured person unless the case does not fall in his specialization.

A physician shall not disclose patient’s secrets that become known to him in the course of or due to the practicing of the profession, whether such secret disclosed by the patient or otherwise brought to physician’s attention, except in some cases like, if the physician is assigned to perform an examination by an insurance company or an employer, within the scope of assignment.

No doctor shall be jailed until the higher medical liability commission establishes that a gross medical malpractice is committed.

According to Article (5) of the Federal Decree Law No (4) of 2016, a physician shall not administer treatment without the consent of the patient except that cases that require immediate medical intervention where consent cannot be obtained for any reason whatsoever or where the patient has a contagious disease which represents a threat to public health and safety. It is very essential for patients to know their rights and get their cases evaluated by an attorney experienced in the medico-legal field. At the offices of FranGulf across the UAE, we have the expertise to help you and make the situation hassle-free.

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