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Know the Law: Blood money in the UAE

Injuries are examined by a medical expert who determines a percentage for the resulting disability.

Blood money is not only issued when someone is found liable for causing someone’s death, but also for damage caused to a person’s body part.

The standard blood money for death is Dh200,000, but amounts for body parts vary.

Each injury is examined by a medical expert, who assesses the extent of the damage caused to that part of the body, and determines a percentage for the resulting disability.

This percentage is then applied to the Dh200,000 to determine how much blood money should be paid.

So, for instance, if someone is ruled to have a 50 per cent disability in their leg, the blood money would be Dh100,000. If the leg is completely disabled, it would be Dh200,000.

People with multiple injuries can therefore be awarded more than the Dh200,000 awarded in the case of death.


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    Joju joseph
    January 7, 2019 at 3:53 pm

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